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Astronomer Customer Experience

Understand—and then delight—your customers.

Astronomer Customer Experience


Introducing Astronomer.

Marketing and sales analytics, CRM, web analytics and other tools reveal invaluable insights about various customer touchpoints. But no single tool tells the whole story. For a robust view of not just touchpoints, but your customer’s entire experience, amplify your favorite analytics tools with clickstream data, which tracks every step of a customer’s journey across your website or app.


Astronomer measures the customer events of your choice with the flip of a switch, then broadcasts them to your data warehouse, CRM, marketing/sales analytics tool or any other destination in real-time.

Explore Astronomer Benefits

Immediate Time to First Value

Choose pre-built integrations from a robust living library to begin automatically sending your data from any source to any destination.

Personal Data Engineering

Astronomer data engineers will build and monitor the integrations you need—and cut through any red tape in the process—to connect all your data sources, without disrupting your IT team.

Versatile Deployment

Available as a SaaS product or deployable to an isolated environment, including your private cloud, allowing you to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) at higher event volumes.

The Astronomer Solution.

With Astronomer, instrument your website or app and watch the data start to flow automatically. We’ll also combine it with all your other data sets so you can gain immediate insights via your favorite analytics tool, data warehouse or dashboard. With amped up behavior analytics, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your customer story. And better yet, a more robust solution to enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing churn, increasing revenue, and even achieving greater employee satisfaction.