Astronomer Features

Astronomer Installation

When you install the Astronomer platform, a number of components are deployed including NGINX, Prometheus, Grafana, our GraphQL API (Houston), our React UI (Orbit), and a Docker Registry (used by deployment process).

Airflow Clusters

When you create a new Airflow deployment in Astronomer interface, Commander will deploy pods for Airflow Webserver, Airflow Scheduler, pool of Celery workers, a small Redis instance (that backs Celery), and a statsd pod that streams metrics to Prometheus and Grafana. A script is automatically run (db-bootstrapper) to setup Postgres databases and users to support the cluster.

Astronomer CLI

The Astronomer CLI is under very active development and you can do everything in our CLI that you can do in our UI.

DAG Deployment

Astronomer makes it easy to deploy these containers to Kubernetes - but more importantly, to give Airflow developers a CLI to deploy DAGs through a private Docker registry that interacts with the Kubernetes API.

Remember to run astro airflow init after creating a new project directory.

Any Python packages can be added to requirements.txt and all OS level packages can be added to packages.txt in the project directory.

Additional RUN commands can be added to the Dockerfile. Environment variables can also be added to ENV.

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