TaskFlow API in Airflow 2.0



Learn how the TaskFlow API in Airflow 2.0 enables a better DAG authoring experience.

In this webinar we covered:

  • What is the TaskFlow API
  • TaskFlow API Features
  • Decorators
  • Custom Xcom Backends
  • Future Work

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What is the TaskFlow API?

Prior to Airflow 2.0, Airflow did not have an explicit way to declare messages passed between tasks in a DAG.

XComs could be used, but were hidden in execution functions inside the operator.

The TaskFlow API is a functional API that allows you to explicitly declare message passing while implicitly declaring task dependencies.

TaskFlow API Features

TaskFlow API Functionality Includes:

  • XCom Args, which allow task dependencies to be abstracted and inferred as a result of the Python function invocation
  • A task decorator that automatically creates PythonOperator tasks from Python functions and handles variable passing
  • Support for Custom XCom Backends

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Viraj Parekh

Viraj Parekh

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