4 Things To Consider When Deciding How to Run Airflow

When: March 30, 2023 at 2pm EST

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Apache Airflow is the de facto standard in open-source data orchestration. When it comes to running Airflow in production, there are several options to consider. Teams can run Airflow themselves, go with a managed infrastructure option like MWAA and GCC, or choose Astro. Whether you’ve been running Airflow in production for years or if you’re just thinking about the right Airflow strategy is for your team, we’ll go through all the options available.

Join us for this live webinar with Astronomer in-house Airflow experts, Viraj Parekh, Field CTO and Kevin Ruppel, Head of Field Engineering, where they’ll cover:

  • Building a production Airflow system, both on the internal deployment and day 2 operations.
  • Principles to follow around CI/CD, code promotion, and other parts of the software development lifecycle.
  • Airflow configurations – like executor types and scheduler settings – to consider based on your use case.
  • Developer productivity for data engineers, analysts, scientists, and other data practitioners.

Hosted By

  • Viraj Parekh Viraj Parekh Field CTO
  • Kevin Ruppel Kevin Ruppel Head of Commercial Field Engineering