Sending emails through Airflow

Airflow emails are a useful way to get notified of DAG retries, failures, and anything else you want to custom set through the email util. By default, Astronomer does not bundle in a SMTP service to send emails through Airflow but there are a number of easy (and free) options to include your own account.

This guide will walk through the setup of a free Sendgrid account and how to connect it to your Airflow deployment.

Creating a Sendgrid token

Start by going to and sign up for a new account. You will need fill out some boilerplate survey information but will quickly be through to your account.

Sendgrid Signup

A new account will be given 40k emails for the first 30 days and then 100 emails/day for free. As long as your DAGs are working properly, this should be more than enough for most use cases.

After you create your account, you'll reach a view like below. Click on "Integrate using our Web API or SMTP relay".
Sendgrid Getting Started

Choose the "Web API (recommended)"" method. Sendgrid Setup Method

Select the "cURL" option from the languages. Sendgrid Language

Create a new API Key (the name can be anything you want) and run the code in your terminal, and verify the integration. You don't have to export the API Key as the docs suggest as you can instead replace the $SENDGRID_API_KEY in the example code with the API key that has been generated.

If you don't execute the code to use the token at least once, Sendgrid will not be able to verify that it is working properly and you will not be able to use the key. Sendgrid API Key

Click "Verify" on the following page to make sure Sendgrid activates the key. If an error pops up that Sendgrid cannot find the test email, run the cURL command again in your terminal and click "Retry".

Adding your Sendgrid credentials to your Astronomer deployment

Once you have your Sendgrid API Key, go to your Astronomer deployment and click "Configure" from the top nav. Click on "Environment Vars" from the lefthand menu and begin adding the following variables specified below. Your Sendgrid API Key will be used as the value for SMTP__SMTP_PASSWORD. You will also need to specify a SMTP__SMTP_MAIL_FROM value with the same email you used to sign up with Sendgrid.

Astro Create Envs

Click Update to save the configuration and redeploy to propagate to your deployment. Your deployment will use that configuration to send emails from then on.