Astronomer Roadmap

Below is a summary of our future release plans. You can also view our public kanban board for more details.

If you'd like to request a feature, visit our Github.

v0.8Logs tab in Orbit UI for each Airflow deployment, which will present Airflow scheduler, webserver, and worker logs. This feature introduces an Elasticsearch infrastructure dependency, and DevOps gets a Kibana dashboard with access to the log data across Airflow Deployments.

Pipe Airflow task logs from Elasticsearch to Airflow UI. Improves core Airflow user experience with faster page load time.

CLI to support .env files and automatic connection, variable, and pool creation on start.
v0.9New Container Status tab for Airflow deployments, gives end-users a view of how each part of their Airflow deployment is presently functioning.

Metrics tab for improved end-user monitoring

Support for New Airflow RBAC model

Full support for Kubernetes Executor

Switch base image for deployments from Alpine to Debian
v1.0Integrate new Airflow Operator into Commander

Remaining bug fixes + polishing
LaterView All Image Tags - give end-users a view into their Docker Registry entries

Support for executing remote Airflow commands with our Astro CLI

Add React to Airflow UI for real-time updates

Adoption metrics added to UI and shipped with telemetry - user engagement, Airflow usage growth - we need to give customers and ourselves the ability to measure how well they are adopting Airflow

User Audit Logging (Deployments, Configuration changes) - enterprise feature to keep track of who has done what