We've built out a robust monitoring stack for Airflow that helps you keep track of your Airflow deployments.

On Enterprise Edition, go to grafana.{your basedomain here} to access the monitoring overview.

  • All of our dashboards provide live, up-to-date information on the status of Airflow, from the Kubernetes level right to the container level.

  • Queries for dashboards are written in PromQL

  • Dashboards are dynamic, so you can pick and choose what specific Airflow deployments you want to track.

Grafana dashboards

  • Airflow Containers: Monitor every running container's CPU and memory usage, alongside network I/O.

  • Airflow Database Activity: High level status overview of Airflow's database.

  • Airflow Deployments: Drill down into the overall status of every deployment.

  • Airflow Scheduler: Displays Airflow's core metrics, from the scheduler's perspective.

  • Airflow State: Monitor all of your deployments from the Kubernetes level, including a birds-eye view of resource usage and system stress levels.

  • Platform Overview: Overall platform memory and disk usage.

  • Prometheus: Status and resource usage of the Prometheus database backend.