General Kubernetes

This guide describes the process to install Astronomer on a Kubernetes Cluster

Are you admin-y enough to do this alone?

You will need to be able to:

  • Obtain a wildcard SSL certificate
  • Edit your DNS records
  • Install/run Kubernetes command line tools to your machine


Before running the Astronomer install command you must:

  1. Select a base domain
  2. Get your machine setup with needed dev tools
  3. Get a Postgres server running
  4. Obtain SSL
  5. Setup DNS
  6. Install Helm and Tiller
  7. Set a few Kubernetes secrets
  8. Build your config.yaml

Install Astronomer

You're ready to go!

helm install -f config.yaml . --namespace astronomer

Click the link in the output notes to log in to the Astronomer app.

Feel free to check out our video walkthrough of the Install below: