Getting Started

Astronomer Enterprise is designed to be a cloud agnostic solution for running Apache Airflow at scale.


We've written installation docs for various Kubernetes distributions:

Trying it out

If you want to get a sense of what using Astronomer Enterprise is like, we have a few options:

1. Start a Trial on Astronomer Cloud

At its core, Astronomer Cloud is a large-scale deployment of Astronomer Enterprise that is fully managed by Astronomer's team.

Astronomer Cloud is a SaaS version of Astronomer Enterprise, so you'll be able to deploy DAGs and manage Airflow environments the same way you would with Enterprise. A few differentiators:

  • Astronomer Cloud runs in Astronomer's Cloud, whereas Astronomer Enterprise will run in your cloud.
  • Astronomer Cloud is billed by usage, whereas Enterprise is billed through an annual license.
  • Astronomer Cloud does not give users access to the back-end Prometheus/Grafana monitoring stack.
  • Astronomer Cloud does not give users access to the Kibana interface for logs (coming soon as an Enterprise feature).
  • Astronomer Cloud does not give you kubectl access to your environment.

If this seems like it could be a good way for you to test the platform out, head over to our cloud sign up page to start a free 1 month trial!

2. Try it yourself.

If you have Kubernetes experience, you are welcome to kick the tires on our platform directly. Check out our helm charts and our install section below to get started.

If you decide to go downt this route, contact us at so we can make sure to guide you along the way.