Our mission at Astronomer is to help organizations adopt Apache Airflow.

Since our inception, we've garnered a group of Airflow aficionados and experts who are dedicated to doing what they can to see that your team succeeds.

Standard Support

  • If you have an issue affecting you specifically, send us an email
  • If you have a feature request, general question about our product or Airflow, please post on our community forum so the discussion will be publicly accessible.

Slack Channel Support (Premium)

  • If you're looking for real-time support, we've found that a private, shared slack channel between our two teams is a worthwhile investment. We'll walk you through troubleshooting in real-time, hop on a screen-share if necessary, and share insights, gotchas and best practices that other customers might not get access to as easily.


  • SpaceCamp is our Apache Airflow training and education program for teams looking to run Airflow at scale. (Think: We come to your office for a few days, and get your team ramped up on Airflow). For more info, check out this page.