Astronomer Overview

The Astronomer platform is available as a SaaS service (Astronomer Cloud) or as a software subscription (Astronomer Enterprise).

Astronomer Cloud

Astronomer Cloud is a managed Apache Airflow service. You interact with Astronomer Cloud via the UI and the Astro CLI to spin-up and scale Airflow environments, with fully isolated resources. To get started, follow this guide.

Astronomer Enterprise

Astronomer Enterprise allows you to run the Astronomer platform on your own Kubernetes cluster. It includes a GraphQL API, a monitoring stack (Prometheus/Grafana), a logging stack (FluentD, Elasticsearch, Kibana), and enterprise authentication that supports Google Suite, SAML, Office 365, Active Directory, and more through auth0, okta, and oath2. All with enterprise-grade support options. To get started, follow this guide.