Platform Tour

Now that you've deployed your first DAG, let's walk through each aspect of the Astronomer Platform:

Orbit UI

Orbit, or the app.BASEDOMAIN page is the first view you'll see when you log into Astronomer. This will be the default view you will use to manage your workspaces, deployments, and users. You're also able to configure and scale each of your Airflow deployments from here. (Soon, you'll be able to see logs and metrics in this view!)

If you are setting up Astronomer for your organization, check out our guide on managing workspaces and deployments.

Houston API

Under the hood, houston-api is the brain of the platform.

If you navigate to houston.BASEDOMAIN/playground you'll be able to interact with the platform through GraphQL queries. You can find some examples in our houston-api doc.

Deployment Page

Grafana Dashboards

Astronomer Enterprise provides single pane dashboards that let you see how each piece of the Airflow stack is performing, along with a few "summary views."

You can check out the queries used for each dashboard here, as well as get more information in the

Note that these views are only available to admins and the first person to authenticate to your cluster will be the system admin.

Deployment Page

Content Navigator

Orbit UI