Build your config.yaml

Here, we'll set the configuration values for the Astronomer Helm chart.

cd to where you cloned

Create a config.yaml for your domain setting overrides by copying master.yaml if you don't already have one.

(If you are on GKE, you can use the GKE one).

cp master.yaml config.yaml

Change the branch on GitHub to match your desired Astronomer Platform version.

In config.yaml, set the following values:

  baseDomain: <your-basedomain>
  tlsSecret: astronomer-tls

      enabled: true   
      clientId: <your-client-id>
      clientSecret: <your-client-secret>

Replace <your-client-id> and <your-client-secret> with the values from the previous step.

Set up SMTP

To use email invites with Astronomer, you'll have to generate SFTP creds from an external service (e.g. SendGrid). For help generating those credentials and configuring them with your Airflow deployments, follow our guide on Setting up Airflow Emails.

Once you have those credentials, throw them in your helm config (nested under astronomer.smtp.uri). Add something like:

    uri: "smtp://"

This is the format for using Amazon's SMTP service, but it should be similar for other services.

Once you've updated your helm config, you'll need to do a helm upgrade. That'll restart Houston and pass in the creds that you need.

Note: We send emails using nodemailer.

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Set up SMTP