Accessing the Underlying Database within Astronomer Enterprise

Sometimes it is necessary to access the database that backs the Astronomer platform. This guide will walk through the necessary steps to do so and assumes Postgres although the process is similar for MySQL.

Retrieving "astronomer-bootstrap" secret

To get the connection information for the Postgres instance included in your Astronomer install, you will need to retrieve "astronomer-bootstrap" secret. The namespace here is the global namespace found at the beginning of all your pods.

$ kubectl get secret astronomer-bootstrap --namespace astronomer-demo -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
  connection: cG9zdGdyZXM6Ly9leGFtcGxlLXVzZXI6UEBTU1dPUkRAZXhhbXBsZS1wb3N0Z3Jlcy5hc3Ryb25vbWVyLWRlbW86NTQzMg==
kind: Secret
  creationTimestamp: 2018-10-09T12:00:00Z
  name: astronomer-bootstrap
  namespace: astronomer-demo
  resourceVersion: "1054144"
  selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/astronomer-demo/secrets/astronomer-bootstrap
  uid: 6b99c4c4-b931-22i8-458e-04210a6713d7
type: Opaque

Decode the connection string

Once retrieved, decode the resulting connection string to get the relevant connection information. This can be done using the base echo command, decoding as base64.

$ echo 'cG9zdGdyZXM6Ly9leGFtcGxlLXVzZXI6UEBTU1dPUkRAZXhhbXBsZS1wb3N0Z3Jlcy5hc3Ryb25vbWVyLWRlbW86NTQzMg==' | base64 --decode

If accessing the database often, it is recommended that you create a new user with scoped permissions so you are not logging in with superuser credentials.


Additional useful queries can be found at the Useful Airflow Queries Guide.

Removing old DAG records

DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.dag WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.log WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.xcom WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.task_instance WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.sla_miss WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.job WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';
DELETE FROM meteoric_meteorite_9699_airflow.dag_run WHERE dag_id = '{DAG_ID}';

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