Adding Airflow Configuration with Astro CLI

One of the most useful features of the Astro CLI during development is the ability to have connections, variables, and pools automatically generated on astro airflow start. Using this feature, you can kill your environment and automatically start back up with all of your necessary configuration to start again.

NOTE: Connections, variables, and pools defined through this process will only be available locally. To ensure they are available in your remote deployments, please add them via the Airflow UI.


When you first astro airflow init to create a new project, a file titled airflow_settings.yaml will be created to add connections, pools, and variables. By default, the structure within this file will look like the following:

    - conn_id: my_new_connection
      conn_type: postgres
      conn_login: user
      conn_password: pw
      conn_port: 5432
    - pool_name: my_new_pool
      pool_slot: 5
    - variable_name: my_variable
      variable_value: my_value

If you want to add a second connection/pool/variable, simply copy the existing fields and make a new entry like so:

  - variable_name: my_first_variable
    variable_value: value123
  - variable_name: my_second_variable
    variable_value: value987


Once you have filled out your settings, they will be added to your Airflow instance on astro airflow start. If you have any connections, pools, or variables with the same name as those defined in settings.yaml, those will be overwritten.

$ astro-local airflow start
Sending build context to Docker daemon  24.58kB
Step 1/1 : FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.7.5-1.9.0-onbuild
# Executing 5 build triggers
 ---> Using cache
 ---> Using cache
 ---> Using cache
 ---> Using cache
a ---> 08133ce1aed2
Successfully built 08133ce1aed2
Successfully tagged another-test/airflow:latest
INFO[0000] [0/3] [postgres]: Starting                   
INFO[0001] [1/3] [postgres]: Started                    
INFO[0001] [1/3] [scheduler]: Starting                  
INFO[0002] [2/3] [scheduler]: Started                   
INFO[0002] [2/3] [webserver]: Starting                  
INFO[0003] [3/3] [webserver]: Started                   
Added Connection: my_new_connection
Added Pool: my_new_pool
Added Variable: my_variable
Airflow Webserver: http://localhost:8080/admin/
Postgres Database: localhost:5432/postgres

For connections, if conn_type or conn_uri is not specified, that connection will be skipped.

Skipping my_new_connection: ConnType or ConnUri must be specified.

For pools, if a pool_slot has not been set, that pool will be skipped.

Skipping my_new_pool: Pool Slot must be set.

For variables, you may set a variable with a name and no value but if there is a value with no variable name, it will be skipped.

Skipping Variable Creation: No Variable Name Specified.

Note: If putting in a dict for any value, this will need to be wrapped in single quotes for the yaml to be successfully parsed.