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An engine to power the critical movement of your data.

Meet DataRouter.

With Astronomer, you can automate and monitor custom cross-organizational data pipelines from any source to any destination. Powering Astronomer is a robust engine fueled by best-in-breed, open source technologies and built on maximum security. We call this engine DataRouter.

See what your business can do with DataRouter.



Built as a living library of best-of-breed big data open source component plug-ins.


Available as a SaaS product and can be deployed to an organization’s private cloud.


All data is encrypted at rest and in motion, ensuring maximum security.

Built on open source technology.

DataRouter is built on cutting edge technology engineered by a diverse community of expert developers fully committed to developing a reliable, transparent and agile system.

Flexible Engineering.

DataRouter breaks data pipelines into distinct tasks within a workflow management system and package everything up in containers, ensuring not just complete adaptability within data pipelines, but also total portability to new environments.

Open source is an important part of our philosophy.


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