Capture clickstream data on your private cloud.

Control your data infrastructure by keeping data in the virtual network you’ve defined.

Maintain complete flexibility.

While more and more cloud-based services become available, some organizations want to control their entire data infrastructure in their own data centers. But that shouldn’t mean they don’t have access to the same cutting edge platforms as everyone else. Astronomer Clickstream can be deployed on your virtual private cloud.

Create a great product.

Use the best product analytics tools and regularly A/B test features to delight your users.

Target your marketing.

Identify who needs you, how they need you and where they need you for spot-on advertising.

Increase engagement.

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns as they result in more engagement.

Data on your own terms.

Our team will ensure that the platform runs right where you want it and help you track every event you need to meet your KPIs, all for a cost that’s reasonable for you.

How it works:

Astronomer Clickstream runs like normal, except on your private cloud. With one snippet of code, route clickstream data where it can best be analyzed—to an analytics tool, data warehouse or custom dashboard.

Go beyond clickstream.

It might be time to connect third-party data sources or prep data sets for data science. For that and more, try our Apache Airflow module.