Data Centralization

The biggest breakthroughs happen when analytics are built on a single source of truth.

Unlock all kinds of business insights.

Modern organizations have unwieldy amounts of data rapidly accumulating in apps, databases, SaaS tools and more. Imagine the insights that could be discovered if all these data parts were analyzed as a whole. Astronomer unifies data from all your sources.

"With Astronomer, data from our HR systems, database, communications platform, speech analytics tool and several other sources is automatically extracted, transformed and loaded into a data warehouse for analytics, which allows our data engineers to focus entirely on enriching our data sources and enhancing data modeling and reporting. "

— James, CIO of RTR

Connect any source.

Even legacy and third party data sources are accessible with the right tools. Let us cut through the red tape to extract what you need.

Increase reliability.

More data can mean more problems. But not if you know it’s been cleaned, transformed and applied to the right business logic.

Improve modeling.

Data modeling is only as good as the data you’ve prepared. A holistic approach to data consolidation results in the best-possible models.

Report faster.

Extracting, transforming and loading data takes time (not to mention cleaning, enriching and processing it). Why not get to value faster?

Expand authorship.

Everyday decision-makers have insider business logic. Giving them the opportunity to contribute back means better analytics.

Act immediately.

When data is intended to drive, nobody wants to wait around. Connected data and ready reports mean quick time to first value.

How does it work?

Connecting data requires cleaning, transforming and otherwise reformatting disparate data sets. Astronomer does it automatically by giving engineers control to build scheduled, dependency-based workflows in Python. (Or provide an engineer to do it for you.)

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