Simplify Your Analytics Integrations

Astronomer Clickstream captures user events on your website or app and routes them to all the best analytics tools and data warehouses.

Setup in Minutes

Get started with one snippet of code. With a few clicks, simply add your integrations to Astronomer, and watch data flow to where you can analyze it best.


Event-Based Pricing

We price based on total event volume, not MTUs. This means that you get charged based on actual user engagement, instead of paying for every visitor that comes to your site.


Enterprise Edition

Outgrown SaaS? Bring our solution in-house with Astronomer Enterprise Edition to keep your infrastructure secure. Run our entire platform on your own environment.

Choose where to send clickstream data for a 360° view of your customer.

Astronomers Sources and Destinations
Analyze anywhere

With just one snippet, connect to any analytics tool, custom dashboard or Redshift.

Livestream monitoring

Monitor and debug events in real-time as they flow through your pipelines.

Experiment often

Run A/B tests constantly using clickstream data across different tools to learn how users respond.

Team-wide access

Manage permissions for your teams to all your different integrations.

Increase ROI.

Understand attribution across touchpoints to drive down cost while acquiring more users.

At any scale

Ready for data science? Our platform supports custom pipelines using Apache Airflow.

"We use Google Analytics, Periscope and a group of tools to keep track of things on our website, but the more we wanted to make data-driven decisions the more we realized we just don’t have the infrastructure to handle that much data on our own. Astronomer is now the hub for all of our user events and cues us up to keep using better and better tools. We migrated from Segment when we realized that Astronomer’s compatibility allows us to minimize the resources we’re spending yet continue to make fully informed decisions as a company."

— Björn Tegelund (Engineering Manager, Tumblbug)

How it works:

  1. Sign up for free here
  2. Drop a javascript snippet into your website or install an SDK
  3. Setup your source and destinations in Astronomer
  4. Add event tracking logic for all the tools your team uses
  5. Monitor your livestream, and watch the data flow!

Ready to get started?

Sign up now for free—and your first 50k events each month are on us.