Astronomer Blog

This is the content repo for the Astronomer blog. Blog content (.md files) stored here are built into the Astronomer site and hosted at

Contributing Blog Posts

Blog can be contributed one of two ways either by creating a markdown file or by using Netlify CMS, a tool that will create the markdown file for you. Once a draft of the post is completed have someone familiar with review the PR that includes your post. Additionally a CI/CD Pipeline will run in GitHub Actions that will verify that your post is free from errors.


Blog posts are stored as Markdown files in the /posts directory in this repo. Our site uses a standard set a key value pairs stored at the beginning of each markdown files as frontmatter. Below is an example of the frontmatter used at the beginning of each Markdown file.

title: The Airflow 2.0 Scheduler
slug: airflow-2-scheduler
description: A technical deep-dive into Apache Airflow's refactored Scheduler, now significantly faster and ready for scale.
heroImagePath: ../assets/scheduler-hero-2.png
  - Vikram Koka
date: 2020-12-17T16:17:00.000Z

Fill in all the fields shown above with information relative to your post. The title field will make a h1 tag at the top of the post with your title. Do not use h1s in your .md file. The slug field is used as the as the path to the post. The heroImagePath field is the path to the hero image. Hero images are stored in the assets directory. If you do not have a hero image use ../assets/blank.jpg.

Images used in the blog posts are stored in the assets directory in this repo. Below is an example of how to include an image in your markdown folder.

![Airflow Scheduler Deployment Model](../assets/airflow-2-scheduler/scheduler-deployment-model.png)

Please follow standard markdown formatting rules that are outlined here more information can be found below in the markdown Lint section.

Netlify CMS

You can also use Netlify's content management system to create blog posts. The CMS tool for our blog is located at When creating a post you will be prompted to provide the frontmatter information described above. The CMS tool will create a PR to this repo.

To log into the CMS go to /admin and login with your github account. You will need to have access to the astronomer/astro-blog repo to login to the CMS.

CI/CD Pipeline

A GitHub Actions CI/CD Pipeline is used to verify each markdown file is free from formatting errors, spelling errors, and broken links. To see logs from this pipeline go to Actions section of the GitHub repo. Run the commands outlined below locally to fix errors before contributing posts.

Fix pipeline errors from all posts as old links may break and need to be replaced.

Markdown Lint

The pipeline uses markdownlint to ensure proper markdown formatting to ensure consistency. The rules followed by the linter can be found here. To run the linter locally run the following.

yarn lint

To include lines of code that break certain markdown rules follow the code example below.

<!-- markdownlint-disable MD033 -->

Spell Check

The pipeline features a spell checker to ensure that there are no misspelled words in our blog posts. You may want to run the spell checker locally in "interactive" mode to add proper nouns to the dictionary.

yarn spellcheck-interactive

Output should be similar too

Spelling - <your-blog-post>.md
 shows you the context of the speling mistake and gives you options
?   (Use arrow keys)
  Add to file ignores
  Add to dictionary - case insensitive
> Enter correct spelling

You can run locally in "report" mode too by running yarn spellcheck.

You can also add words directly to dictionary by adding the word to the .spelling file located in this repo.

Link Check

The last check in the pipeline in the Markdown Link Checker which checks for broken links. This check may fail wether you have dead links or not because of "too many request" status code. If you believe this has happened just run the pipeline again.

If the check is failing use the GitHub Actions logs to see what links are dead. Links from old blog posts may have broke since that last time the pipeline has run. Please fix these links to keep our site up to date.

Hint: search for dead link in the logs to find all the dead links that need to be fixed.

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