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Press Release: CVG Announces Partnership with Astronomer

CVG Partners with Astronomer

Airport samples innovative data science with local startup

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Press Release: Astronomer Announces Seed Financing

Astronomer Closes $1.9M in Seed Financing

As enterprises become more data driven, Astronomer’s tools make capturing and managing data from multiple sources easy

CINCINNATI--Astronomer, a scalable platform for enterprise-scale big data integration, has closed $1.9M in seed stage financing. CincyTech led the round, with participation from west coast investors AngelPad, 500 Startups and First Ascent, and midwestern funds Connetic Ventures, Drummond Road Capital and CoreNetwork.

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Machines + Humans = Future of SaaS

TL;DR: By packaging our platform and our people into our product, we’re building a company that has high customer satisfaction, fast growth, capital efficiency and a self-service platform that’s growing stronger every day.

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Why We Chose “Fun” as a Core Value

TL;DR: At Astronomer, one of our core values is "fun." It could be one of the most important decisions we ever make.

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Why We Built Our Data Platform on AWS, and Why We Rebuilt It with Open Source

Astronomer is a modern platform built to outfit organizations with a solid data infrastructure to support machine learning and analytical workloads. In other words, we help you organize, centralize and clean your data through a personalized data engineering experience. We exist because we believe the internet age is just a precursor to something much larger, something with the potential to push the world forward in the same ways the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions did: the Data Revolution.

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An Almost Acquisition Story

TL;DR: Coming out of AngelPad’s 2015 Demo Day, we suddenly found ourselves vacillating between an acquisition and Series A funding, though we were arguably too early for either.

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A Culture of Customer

Astronomer is a customer-first organization. But what does that mean, really? And how do we ensure that no matter how busy – or how big – we get, we stay that way? Well, now that we’ve figured out who our target customer is and how to effectively communicate with them, we can continue this journey and start to build processes to enhance our customers’ experience with us.

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Our Pivot

Data is being generated now at an unprecedented velocity. In fact, 90% of the world's data has been generated in the last two years alone. Smart businesses are putting this data to extraordinary new uses. We call this the Data Revolution—a big shift in the way the world operates, and no less significant than the Agricultural, Industrial and Digital Revolutions.

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