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At Astronomer, we love geeking out about things like big data trends, new tech and data engineering. This blog began as a place for every team member to share a slice of his or her expertise, but we’d like to open it up to other contributors, starting with our favorite readers.

Our best posts continue to get regularly and organically shared (even months after being posted) and our overall website traffic growth is averaging 150% per month. So this is a chance to share your original content with a growing community of like-minded folks. Also, feel free to add a 25-word bio that links to a personal or professional website.

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How to Make Stuff Design-y

*Last week, our Head of Design wrote about why design is the secret sauce of a great startup. This week, our product developer (who has not just an eye for design but also a degree in it) tells us how to make all things "design-y." This presentation was originally a standout team-only Lunch 'N Learn. But we told him it was too good not to share. So, with the help of his girlfriend (who just so happens to be a professional voice actress), Andrew has turned it into a video that's both hilariously beautiful and refreshingly constructive:

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Every Great Startup's Secret Sauce: Design

There’s a major trend happening in tech companies today: design teams are growing like mad. Whether you are in design, engineering or business development, this trend will likely affect you. At the very least, get used to seeing a lot more designers around the office. You’ll know us by our Adidas triple white NMDs or tiny Moleskine notebooks or lengthy conversations about fonts.

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Remote Working Guide: Reykjavik

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes and 34 seconds

One doesn’t traditionally think of Reykjavik as a place to do work, or at least I didn’t. But a few months ago, I read that the northern lights will get harder to see for the next decade, so immediately, that shot up to #1 on ol’ bucket list. Since Astronomer fully supports if not encourages remote working—so far, we have guides to Denver, Louisville and Nashville—Astronomer co-founder Tim Brunk and I decided to book a trip to Iceland. 

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Five Ways to Lead Well

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes and 20 seconds

Anyone who studies leadership and how to create a high-performing team has heard truisms like: empower and enable your team for success, support your team, accept blame, give credit, etc. … it’s all true, but, as with many things in life, it’s the execution that proves significantly more difficult.

Topics: growth culture

Building An Org Chart That Scales


Estimated reading time: 7 minutes and 14 seconds

At the beginning of February, my co-founder and I attended the SaaStr conference in San Francisco. (We’re huge fans of investor and co-founder of SaaStr Fund Jason Lemkin, btw, and highly recommend his blog). Historically, Ry and I have been heavily influenced at conferences … in a roundabout sort of way. In fact, two years ago, we attended the Collision conference in Vegas. After day 1, we devised a completely new business model—really, a new company (Astronomer!)—and spent the rest of our time there pitching it to anyone who would listen. SaaStr proved to be no exception and by the beginning of day 2, we were camped out in the hallway hammering out a new org chart.

Topics: growth culture

Translating Real-World Randomness To Create Digital Security

Or, how I used a deck of cards to protect my data.

*Estimated reading time: 11 minutes, 20 seconds

Every year, our data becomes more accessible as the world is increasingly interconnected and more services we depend on become available online. This allows for an ease that was unimaginable just twenty years ago. You can bank, apply for a mortgage and credit cards, share personal photos, store important documents and get a real-time view into your home at any time.

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Remote Working Guide: Nashville

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 50 seconds

Our team hit the road in November for our first-ever Astronomer remote-working week. Or, as we like to say, we “orbited.” (The metaphor breaks down pretty quickly, but we can’t help ourselves with the space analogies.)

Topics: culture

Remote Working Guide: Louisville

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes, 27 seconds

Disclaimer: Astronomer account manager and author of this blog post, Becky Steele, lives in Louisville and shamelessly—no, fiercely—loves her fair city. Although she wasn’t born there, she would tell you that she got there as quickly as she could and plans to stay for life. She is one of a few Astronomers who works remotely full-time and makes a day trip once per week to the Astronomer homebase in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This edition of Astronomer’s Remote Working Guide takes you to Louisville, Kentucky. Or Loo-a-vul. Or Loo-ee-ville? You choose your pronunciation—we accept them all!

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Our Open Source Philosophy

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds

Last year, I wrote a blog post about why we built our platform on AWS and rebuilt it with open source. It chronicles our journey to build our ideal unified system, one that checks all our boxes (like cross-infrastructure, secure, efficient, highly available, self-healing and able to execute long running processes as well as spin up one-off processes and specialized clusters of machines on the side). 

But this post is different.

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