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Why In-Depth Analytics Are Easy for Everyone

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From the aqueducts to supercomputers to SpaceX, innovation creates a wave of new technology, suddenly available to the masses and exposing them to a foundation upon which to further iterate. The aqueducts made it possible to carry clean water long distances, which instigated the creation of storm water gutters, irrigation systems and, ultimately, indo

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Press Release: Astronomer Announces Seed Financing

Astronomer Closes $1.9M in Seed Financing

As enterprises become more data driven, Astronomer’s tools make capturing and managing data from multiple sources easy

CINCINNATI--Astronomer, a scalable platform for enterprise-scale big data integration, has closed $1.9M in seed stage financing. CincyTech led the round, with participation from west coast investors AngelPad, 500 Startups and First Ascent, and midwestern funds Connetic Ventures, Drummond Road Capital and CoreNetwork.

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A Crisis of Confidence

For the last nine years, I’ve observed a serious challenge in the startup world. I’ve experienced it firsthand in my own ventures, discussed it at length with my entrepreneur friends and even co-launched a couple of organizations with the goal of addressing it head on. It’s a challenge faced more intensely in startups than almost anywhere else, one that far too often leads to serious depression, burnout and even suicide. It’s the challenge of confidence—a challenge so serious, we're calling it a crisis.

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Are You Ready for A Data Breach?

***Disclaimer: The content, data, and claims in this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem you may be facing.***

We at Astronomer have an optimistic—even idealistic—view about the future of data, its handling, and the role it will play in both technological advancement and our personal lives for years to come.

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Why We Built Our Data Platform on AWS, and Why We Rebuilt It with Open Source

Astronomer is a modern platform built to outfit organizations with a solid data infrastructure to support machine learning and analytical workloads. In other words, we help you organize, centralize and clean your data through a personalized data engineering experience. We exist because we believe the internet age is just a precursor to something much larger, something with the potential to push the world forward in the same ways the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions did: the Data Revolution.

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Sneak Peak at our New Backend

Now that Astronomer has expanded outside of clickstream data processing, we run a lot of batch jobs. Our "minimal viable product" solution was to use Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) to keep track of the workflows, but we felt a bit uneasy being so tied into Amazon, and people experienced with existing big data tools told us it was "weird."

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Adding Apache Spark to Astronomer

At Astronomer, we're creating a platform to make it radically easier for both novice and expert data engineers to create and deploy data pipelines. Sometimes a step in a data pipeline is exceptionally long-running.

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The Growing Data Opportunity

We’re entering a new Internet era due to a confluence of trends:
  • Computers are everywhere (mobile, wearables, IoT) and as a result everyone is becoming data-competent. This means more of us will become data-ambitious.
  • Cloud computing is entering a major deployment phase—this means data will be in the cloud, staged to flow more fluidly.
  • SaaS/microservices proliferation spreads organizational data across borders, into many data silos.
  • Computer cognition is emerging, and it’s data hungry.
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Lean Analytics, Big Impact: An Interview with Ben Yoskovitz

This post was originally published on the blog for USERcycle. 
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Help Data Help You


If you are familiar with the book Running Lean by Ash Maurya, you might remember that in Chapter 7 Ash talks about validating the hypothesis for your startup by conducting Problem Interviews. The purpose of the problem interview is to recognize and address risks associated with the product, market, and customer.

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