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Why In-Depth Analytics Are Easier Than You Think

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From the aqueducts to supercomputers to SpaceX, innovation creates a wave of new technology, suddenly available to the masses and exposing them to a foundation upon which to further iterate. The aqueducts made it possible to carry clean water long distances, which instigated the creation of storm water gutters, irrigation systems and, ultimately, indo

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Six Open Source Dashboards to Organize Your Data

Updated: October 28, 2016

At Astronomer, we believe that every organization can benefit from having their data properly centralized, organized and cleaned. We’re building a company to do just that.

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Lean Analytics, Big Impact: An Interview with Ben Yoskovitz

This post was originally published on the blog for USERcycle. 
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Engineering Growth: An Interview with Pinterest's John Egan

This post was originally published on the blog for USERcycle.

We're always on the hunt for new ways to measure startup growth and a couple of months ago, we came across an amazing presentation at #500Distro by John Egan, a growth engineer at the evergrowing Pinterest. We absolutely recommend checking it out for yourself but briefly, he presented a way to rethink the god awful Google Analytics behavior flow and concretely measure dropoff. From this, we were inspired to build our own behavior flow chart but we just had to hear more so we asked John if he would mind talking growth vizualizations a bit more. He was kind enough to indulge us.
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