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R. Brad Kirn

Recent Posts by R. Brad Kirn:

Why In-Depth Analytics Are Easy for Everyone

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From the aqueducts to supercomputers to SpaceX, innovation creates a wave of new technology, suddenly available to the masses and exposing them to a foundation upon which to further iterate. The aqueducts made it possible to carry clean water long distances, which instigated the creation of storm water gutters, irrigation systems and, ultimately, indo

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Ask RBK: Tell Me About Google Analytics

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Dear RBK,

Tell me a bit about Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics best at? What can't it do? What other tools can I use to expand on the data that GA provides me?

Sincerely, *Jessica

Out in the field, I connect with prospects and customers from a variety of backgrounds with broad-ranging products and experiences. Not only do I thrive on these conversations, but I also view them as a key way to learn about how their products work and where third-party services provide greatest value to their customers.

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Ask RBK: Why Do I Need Astronomer?

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When the content folks pitched me the idea of becoming Astronomer’s version of “Dear Abby” to answer our MOST frequently asked questions, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll give all the relationship advice you want! But for now, let's stick to machines + humans. I'll start with the question I’ve been asked most frequently over the past few years:

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4 Pillars to Becoming Data Driven

When I was a part of my first startup, I came to a realization about data pretty early on. At first, every new deal was exciting. Our metrics grow one by one, from new customers and use cases to new industries and partnerships. Studying industry trends and making gut decisions as fast as we could was exhilarating and, for a while, seemed to work just fine.

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A Culture of Customer

Astronomer is a customer-first organization. But what does that mean, really? And how do we ensure that no matter how busy – or how big – we get, we stay that way? Well, now that we’ve figured out who our target customer is and how to effectively communicate with them, we can continue this journey and start to build processes to enhance our customers’ experience with us.

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What We Learned After We Discovered Our Target

"I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn." - Maya Angelou

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How Astronomer Found Its Target Customer

“It’s really about the basics; understanding your customer, taking care of your customer, practicing blocking and tackling…” - Warren Buffett

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When Should You Start to Warehouse Your Data?

These days, startups want to be data-driven, and web and mobile apps can generate quite a bit of data.

"Big Data" and "Analytics" have become buzzwords lately, but "Data Warehousing" seems like something for big companies and corporations, due to the perception of cost and complexity.

Having control of your customer data is becoming more of a must have. We see more startups who begin with the end in mind.

There are several cloud-based data warehouses that decrease the costs and complexity of setup and maintenance:

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