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Chris Hendrixson

Recent Posts by Chris Hendrixson:

Every Great Startup's Secret Sauce: Design

There’s a major trend happening in tech companies today: design teams are growing like mad. Whether you are in design, engineering or business development, this trend will likely affect you. At the very least, get used to seeing a lot more designers around the office. You’ll know us by our Adidas triple white NMDs or tiny Moleskine notebooks or lengthy conversations about fonts.

Topics: culture

Remote Working Guide: Denver

TL;DR: We value and encourage remote working at Astronomer. This is the first of a series of Remote Working Guides in our favorite cities to work in, outside of Astronomer’s home town of Cincinnati.

Topics: culture

Why We Chose “Fun” as a Core Value

TL;DR: At Astronomer, one of our core values is "fun." It could be one of the most important decisions we ever make.

Topics: startups culture

Does Your Logo Really Matter?

Two weeks ago, Instagram changed their logo. The Internet blew up.

Topics: culture

Branding is a Relationship

I work for a startup. If there’s one consistent thing about a startup, it’s change. Roles pivot as often as the product does. Since I started eight months ago I’ve worked on everything from redesigning our logo to sales to product development. As our young company grows, the need to refine and clarify roles and responsibilities becomes more important every day (though as a startup we must be careful not to embolden ourselves to processes).

Topics: culture

A Logo Story

In August 2015, I had a conversation with Ry Walker and agreed to start working full-time on an enterprise data startup he was co-founding, called Astronomer. I’d known Ry for a few years and he was an advisor for my own startup, a great friend and someone I admire. I joined the Astronomer team with a decade of graphic and product design experience. I’ve worked on everything from album covers to Android apps and designed logos for companies large and small. My first task? Redesign the Astronomer logo.

Topics: culture