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Remote Working Guide: Reykjavik

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes and 34 seconds

One doesn’t traditionally think of Reykjavik as a place to do work, or at least I didn’t. But a few months ago, I read that the northern lights will get harder to see for the next decade, so immediately, that shot up to #1 on ol’ bucket list. Since Astronomer fully supports if not encourages remote working—so far, we have guides to Denver, Louisville and Nashville—Astronomer co-founder Tim Brunk and I decided to book a trip to Iceland. 

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Is Your Organization Insane?

Estimated time: 5 minutes and 20 seconds

Traditional astronomers know that you can look up at the sky with a naked eye and appreciate the stars. But you can look with a telescope and understand them and what they mean. Even among telescopes, though, vast differences exist for astronomers across a spectrum of beginners to amateurs to professionals.

Same thing with data. Most companies now collect data and use it in varying ways, whether that’s downloading CSV reports and manually combining them with other data sets or hiring a Chief Data Officer and team of data scientists. We like to think of that as a company’s data maturity across a spectrum, from “flying blind” to “insanity mode.”

Five Ways to Lead Well

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes and 20 seconds

Anyone who studies leadership and how to create a high-performing team has heard truisms like: empower and enable your team for success, support your team, accept blame, give credit, etc. … it’s all true, but, as with many things in life, it’s the execution that proves significantly more difficult.

Topics: growth culture

Building An Org Chart That Scales


Estimated reading time: 7 minutes and 14 seconds

At the beginning of February, my co-founder and I attended the SaaStr conference in San Francisco. (We’re huge fans of investor and co-founder of SaaStr Fund Jason Lemkin, btw, and highly recommend his blog). Historically, Ry and I have been heavily influenced at conferences … in a roundabout sort of way. In fact, two years ago, we attended the Collision conference in Vegas. After day 1, we devised a completely new business model—really, a new company (Astronomer!)—and spent the rest of our time there pitching it to anyone who would listen. SaaStr proved to be no exception and by the beginning of day 2, we were camped out in the hallway hammering out a new org chart.

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New Integration: Clearbit

We're incredibly excited to announce a new integration with Clearbit, a platform that integrates intelligence for every stage of the sales and marketing funnel.

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