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New Integration: Retention Science

We're incredibly excited to announce a new integration with Retention Science, which empowers marketers through Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Deep Roots with Meteor.js

Where do we come from? Who were our ancestors? What was important to them?

Machines don’t ask these types of questions, but exploring our lineage is a concept that’s deeply ingrained in humans. That sense of longing to know who and what we are is one of the main reasons we explore our universe.

At Astronomer, the machines go about their daily lives without regard to where they come from, but when building the future, our humans have to consider our product lineage, and Meteor.js has been central to our product since day one. Actually, since before day one.

Topics: dev

New Integration: Hotjar

We're incredibly excited to announce a new integration with Hotjar, which offers an easy way to see how visitors are really using a website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.

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Trong Le: The Story of How I (Finally) Joined Astronomer

*Record scratch* 

*Freeze frame*


Topics: culture

A Crisis of Confidence

For the last nine years, I’ve observed a serious challenge in the startup world. I’ve experienced it firsthand in my own ventures, discussed it at length with my entrepreneur friends and even co-launched a couple of organizations with the goal of addressing it head on. It’s a challenge faced more intensely in startups than almost anywhere else, one that far too often leads to serious depression, burnout and even suicide. It’s the challenge of confidence—a challenge so serious, we're calling it a crisis.

Topics: big data growth culture

New Integration: Currencylayer

We're incredibly excited to announce a new integration with currencylayer, which provides a JSON-based REST API, delivering reliable and accurate currency exchange rates for 168 world currencies and precious metals at an affordable price.

Topics: integrations

Are You Ready for A Data Breach?

***Disclaimer: The content, data, and claims in this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem you may be facing.***

We at Astronomer have an optimistic—even idealistic—view about the future of data, its handling, and the role it will play in both technological advancement and our personal lives for years to come.

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