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Astronomer Blog

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A Logo Story

In August 2015, I had a conversation with Ry Walker and agreed to start working full-time on an enterprise data startup he was co-founding, called Astronomer. I’d known Ry for a few years and he was an advisor for my own startup, a great friend and someone I admire. I joined the Astronomer team with a decade of graphic and product design experience. I’ve worked on everything from album covers to Android apps and designed logos for companies large and small. My first task? Redesign the Astronomer logo.

Topics: culture

Syncing MongoDB Collections with Amazon Redshift

A few months ago, we started using Periscope to create a centralized view of how our product was performing. We had already begun the practice of using Amazon Redshift as the single source of truth for our app event data, logs from AWS, and various records from other sources (all pushed using Astronomer, of course) but any questions we had were answered on an ad hoc basis. As our team grew, the complexity of our organization kept pace and those of us who knew SQL started to get bogged down with these ad hoc requests. Effective reporting became an essential asset and we weren’t set up for that. Not yet, at least.
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How Astronomer Found Its Target Customer

“It’s really about the basics; understanding your customer, taking care of your customer, practicing blocking and tackling…” - Warren Buffett

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