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Setting Up Your Redshift Cluster

Do a quick search of data warehousing options and you'll quickly see that Amazon Redshift has become an overwhelmingly popular alternative to spinning up your own solution. It's become so popular that entire companies exist to get data into it. (We're not knocking that; Redshift connectivity is an important part of our business too.)

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Location Wars

“We’ll only invest in you if you move to SF.”

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What I Learned from Analyzing 1700 Blog Posts

Stop me if this sounds familiar:

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When Should You Start to Warehouse Your Data?

These days, startups want to be data-driven, and web and mobile apps can generate quite a bit of data.

"Big Data" and "Analytics" have become buzzwords lately, but "Data Warehousing" seems like something for big companies and corporations, due to the perception of cost and complexity.

Having control of your customer data is becoming more of a must have. We see more startups who begin with the end in mind.

There are several cloud-based data warehouses that decrease the costs and complexity of setup and maintenance:

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Blending Human Interaction into Online User Experiences

Before modern communication technologies, business interactions required real-time, in-person human interaction. Telephony was a huge advance. Interactions were still real-time, but we could be in different locations.

When the Internet came along, it became possible to build completely-automated, asynchronous online businesses. Efficient. Profitable. And a better experience for most types of businesses.

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Liberated Analytics

If you hadn’t noticed the trend before, you will now. The world has gone analytics crazy. And for good reason, the amount of data available to businesses about their business has reached a tipping point where the problem has shifted from lack of data to too much data.

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The Growing Data Opportunity

We’re entering a new Internet era due to a confluence of trends:
  • Computers are everywhere (mobile, wearables, IoT) and as a result everyone is becoming data-competent. This means more of us will become data-ambitious.
  • Cloud computing is entering a major deployment phase—this means data will be in the cloud, staged to flow more fluidly.
  • SaaS/microservices proliferation spreads organizational data across borders, into many data silos.
  • Computer cognition is emerging, and it’s data hungry.
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New Integration: OpenWeatherMap

We're incredibly excited to announce an integration between Astronomer and OpenWeatherMap, a open platform powering more than a billion forecasts every day. OWM's service offers both a free tier for those just getting into weather data and a premium tier for the high-powered users with access to 16 day forecasts and historical data.