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The Email Wall

The last post I wrote re: email personalities/archetypes/whatever you want to call them got a fair amount of attention so I thought I’d do a follow up post to go a bit deeper on how we came up with the marketing archetypes and why we're confident they're universally true and will absolutely never be contradicted or changed (until they inevitably are...)

Say hello to the Email Wall.

Topics: growth culture

Why we drove to NY and back over the past 48 hours for a 15 minute meeting

We're a tired team today :)

  • Tuesday: Drove 10 hrs to NY
  • Wednesday: A 15-minute meeting, drove back to Cincinnati
  • Today: Back to work

What meeting could be so important? An interview with AngelPad, the #1 ranked startup accelerator in the world. It was worth it.

Topics: Angelpad culture

“A Hero, a Priest, and a Drunk Each Send an Email…"

If you work at one of our integrations partners, you might have noticed by now the copious amount of test accounts I've created with you. 'Ben@astronomer.io,' 'Ben+1@astronomer.io,' 'fake@fake.fake,' test@test.test.' All of these have at one point or another been mechanisms for me to test that our architecture is working properly. But creating all of these accounts has created an unexpected consequence.

Drip emails. You know the ones I'm talking about. Most have the common theme of 'Just Checking in...' or 'Wanted to Introduce Myself' and are, for the most part, entirely ignored. But because I’ve been creating a ton of test accounts, these emails have really started to pile up. And I’ve started to notice some patterns.

Topics: growth culture