Astronomer Academy FAQ

Does the certification expire?

No, it does not.

What happens after 30 days?

You will lose access to the Certification exam only. You will still have access to the preparation course.

What happens if I fail the exam?

You will get a free coupon code to retry the exam only once. Keep this code safe.

Do I need to create an Astronomer Account?

No. At some point, you may need the Astro CLI that you can find and install for free here:
Everything is done locally, on your machine.

I bought the certification at full price, and now there is a promotion

We may deliver discount codes at different events such as Black Friday, New Year, Webinars, etc.

If you already paid for the certification, we do not offer a refund.
Like when you buy something on Amazon, you are not going to ask for a refund at the Black Friday event.

I can't log in to my account anymore

Before contacting the support team, try logging in with:

  1. Your email address
  2. Google
  3. Github

If after having tried those 3 ways, it doesn’t work, please contact us.