Full Service IoT Data Ingestion and Routing

Connect your organization’s Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to maximize efficiency and uptime, predict downtime and run full analysis of all of your data sets. Astronomer Data Router for IoT aggregates, cleans and enriches data from all of your passive, active and dynamic data sources.


Why Astronomer IoT?

The ability to integrate and understand data is crucial to maximizing productivity, improving energy efficiencies, increasing revenue and, ultimately, gaining a true competitive advantage.


DataRouter is a powerful platform that enables continual data ingestion from a vast landscape of data sources so that data arrives in a consumable format and is accessible to an entire organization.

Explore Our Benefits

Rapid Integration

Quickly connect IP-based machines to your analytics platform to monitor and interpret data sets to improve product life cycle costs, preventative maintenance and supply-chain coordination.

24/7 Monitoring

Utilize Astronomer's ecosystem to automatically trigger alerts to maintenance teams by tracking equipment condition, operating parameters and any other critical factors in real-time.

Inventory Management

Monitor and maintain your service parts inventory to sustain and improve service-level objectives by leveraging DataRouter to collect key data. Sound complicated? We're here to help.

Meet Astronomer DataRouter

Astronomer DataRouter powers the critical movement of data. It's built on modern open-source technology, including Spark, Kafka and Airflow. DataRouter is (1) available as SaaS or deployable to your private cloud or on-premise servers, (2) fully SSL encrypted, (3) built with elastic scalability for user analytics and (4) customizable for additional integrations. With DataRouter, you can monitor your data in real-time as it flows from any source to any destination.