Data Pipelines

What are data pipelines and why do we need them? 

We’re all collecting data like crazy. Most companies accumulate data sets from multiple SaaS tools, microservices, Internet of Things and more. IBM estimates the daily data generation to be 2.5 quintillion bytes. (That’s 18 zeroes. Per day.) 

We’re data-rich but it’s not doing us much good. Most of it is sprawled all over the place and totally disconnected. It’s like discovering oil for the first time. We can buy land, dig wells, build refineries and even construct power plants. But if the only way to transport it is in a wheelbarrow, we’re in trouble. Like oil, data can’t flow efficiently from one place to another without a pipeline.

Data pipelines connect and centralize all of your data. 

Once this infrastructure is in place, data powers reporting, predictive analytics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning applications …  in other words, it drives every decision your organization makes. Ask us about it today!

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