Astronomer helps you discover critical insights for solving complex business challenges in real-time by aggregating, cleaning and enriching data from diverse sources with DataRouter.


Why Astronomer CloudETL?

As technology becomes more powerful and globally connected, harnessing and understanding data is paramount to survival. Yet unstructured data, disconnected data sources and lack of insights into complex data sets can result in operational inefficiencies, increased business risk and slower revenue growth.


Organizations need to collect, analyze and use data to drive decisions to gain a true competitive advantage.

Explore Our Benefits

Integration Library

Extract, enrich and integrate all of your organization’s data in real time, even the most complex and hard-to-reach, by leveraging our extensive integration library.

Open-Source Platform

Ingest large volumes of data efficiently with DataRouter’s best-of-breed open-source technology, supported by Mesos DC/OS, Apache Airflow and Astonomer Aries Engine.

Business Support

Power business intelligence dashboards, marketing tools, visualizations and machine learning to make business decisions and better control your data future.

Meet Astronomer DataRouter

Astronomer DataRouter powers the critical movement of data. It's built on modern open-source technology, including Spark, Kafka and Airflow. DataRouter is (1) available as SaaS or deployable to your private cloud or on-premise servers, (2) fully SSL encrypted, (3) built with elastic scalability for user analytics and (4) customizable for additional integrations. With DataRouter, you can monitor your data in real-time as it flows from any source to any destination.