Astronomer Clickstream Data Collection helps organizations collect data on user interactions with their web and mobile apps with special volume, security, and customization requirements. Our solution leverages the analytics.js ecosystem, and is API-compatible with Segment. 

Clickstream Data Collection and Routing

Analyzing user data is critical for organizations to remain competitive and obtain a true understanding of their customers, based on the patterns and trends of a user or customer’s behavior. The powerful insights generated by real-time clickstream data allows data scientists, product managers and product marketing managers to improve customer satisfaction with platform and provide best possible experience for their users or buyers.

Astronomer has software development kits (SDK’s) for all major frameworks and languages, making it easy to collect data and integrate it with destinations. Our clickstream software is self-service, but we can also build custom integrations as needed.

So, why Astronomer?

  • Compatible
    • Astronomer is fully compatible with analytics.js, making it an alternative to Segment's SaaS offering.
  • Self-Service 
    • Easily enable new destinations for your data.
  • Agile
    • Customize data flows for your organization and send it anywhere, including Redshift, SQL and beyond.
    • Enrich data as it flows and expand the number of events sent.
    • Set up data sampling to identify patterns and trends in larger data sets.
  • Personal
    • An Astronomer DataChampion can deploy our open source platform DataRouter, that connects your data to where it needs to go.
    • Our integration team can build any pipeline you need.
  • Secure
    • Use our secure platform or eep data (and Astronomer DataRouter) on your organization's private cloud, if you prefer. Astronomer DataRouter can be on your cloud.
    • Private cloud edition helps to control your cost and own your own data.

Data Warehousing

In addition to clickstream data collection, Astronomer helps collect other data into your data warehouse.

  • Real-time
    • Regardless of the source, Astronomer pushes your data to your data warehouse in near real-time. Competitors often push data infrequently under most product tiers.
  • Any Warehouse 
    • Astronomer has integrations with data warehouse technologies beyond Redshift. Dependent on your organizations requirements, we'll build integrations with any destination data system.
  • Literally, any source
    • Collect data from any source (databases, APIs) and can even interact with on-premise and/or firewalled data silos.

We help organizations extract all of their hard-to-reach data to drive data initiatives that empower them to become best-in-the-world at what they do. If you have unique data needs, or questions, drop us an email at