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A Sales Experiment: Why We Scrapped the SDR Role

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“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” - Teddy Roosevelt

In business, decisiveness is of critical importance. Yet decisiveness does not operate in a vacuum. The power to make decisions should not be measured by the results it produces, but by the information fueling the process. Why? Because the information driving a decision causes a result, whereas looking at the result alone only suggests a correlation between the information powering the decision and the subsequent outcome. This begs the question: how does one go about getting the best information in order to make a decision, leading to what Ol’ Teddy calls “the right thing?”

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Five Steps to Take Before Kicking Off A Clickstream Data Initiative

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First things first: Clickstream data is what we call user behavior data, the tracking of every single “click” across your website or app. Most companies already use a number of common analytics tools to determine user behavior, but those only tell part of the story. Clickstream allows you to track all the events you want—and, with the right platform, broadcast them to your data warehouse, CRM, marketing/sales analytics tool or any other destination in real-time. In other words, it amps up your current analytics.

But if you’re interested in beginning a clickstream initiative, you may already know all this and simply want to start off strong. If so, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind before kicking it off:

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Ask RBK: Tell Me About Google Analytics

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Dear RBK,

Tell me a bit about Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics best at? What can't it do? What other tools can I use to expand on the data that GA provides me?

Sincerely, *Jessica

Out in the field, I connect with prospects and customers from a variety of backgrounds with broad-ranging products and experiences. Not only do I thrive on these conversations, but I also view them as a key way to learn about how their products work and where third-party services provide greatest value to their customers.

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Approach The Next Data Initiative Like A Data Analyst

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As a data analyst, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a part of numerous big data initiatives with several organizations. Some of those projects were big successes, but others were epic failures (big data can be a big challenge). From those failures, I’ve developed a few guiding principles that I use when tackling any new data project, in any industry. So, in an effort to prevent others from repeating my past mistakes, here are my three main tips to a successful foray into big data …

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Ask RBK: Why Do I Need Astronomer?

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When the content folks pitched me the idea of becoming Astronomer’s version of “Dear Abby” to answer our MOST frequently asked questions, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll give all the relationship advice you want! But for now, let's stick to machines + humans. I'll start with the question I’ve been asked most frequently over the past few years:

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Press Release: CVG Announces Partnership with Astronomer

CVG Partners with Astronomer

Airport samples innovative data science with local startup

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Press Release: Astronomer Announces Seed Financing

Astronomer Closes $1.9M in Seed Financing

As enterprises become more data driven, Astronomer’s tools make capturing and managing data from multiple sources easy

CINCINNATI--Astronomer, a scalable platform for enterprise-scale big data integration, has closed $1.9M in seed stage financing. CincyTech led the round, with participation from west coast investors AngelPad, 500 Startups and First Ascent, and midwestern funds Connetic Ventures, Drummond Road Capital and CoreNetwork.

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Are You Ready for A Data Breach?

***Disclaimer: The content, data, and claims in this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem you may be facing.***

We at Astronomer have an optimistic—even idealistic—view about the future of data, its handling, and the role it will play in both technological advancement and our personal lives for years to come.

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Machines + Humans = Future of SaaS

TL;DR: By packaging our platform and our people into our product, we’re building a company that has high customer satisfaction, fast growth, capital efficiency and a self-service platform that’s growing stronger every day.

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4 Pillars to Becoming Data Driven

When I was a part of my first startup, I came to a realization about data pretty early on. At first, every new deal was exciting. Our metrics grow one by one, from new customers and use cases to new industries and partnerships. Studying industry trends and making gut decisions as fast as we could was exhilarating and, for a while, seemed to work just fine.

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