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Ry Walker

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Five Steps to Take Before Kicking Off A Clickstream Data Initiative

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First things first: Clickstream data is what we call user behavior data, the tracking of every single “click” across your website or app. Most companies already use a number of common analytics tools to determine user behavior, but those only tell part of the story. Clickstream allows you to track all the events you want—and, with the right platform, broadcast them to your data warehouse, CRM, marketing/sales analytics tool or any other destination in real-time. In other words, it amps up your current analytics.

But if you’re interested in beginning a clickstream initiative, you may already know all this and simply want to start off strong. If so, here are the top 5 things to keep in mind before kicking it off:

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Our Unique Path to Raising $2M Seed in the Midwest


The story of our path to raising $2M is a series of short stories with some amazing protagonists. A huge thanks to everyone! Let’s dig in.

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Machines + Humans = Future of SaaS

TL;DR: By packaging our platform and our people into our product, we’re building a company that has high customer satisfaction, fast growth, capital efficiency and a self-service platform that’s growing stronger every day.

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How to Succeed in the Data Revolution

The target for this article is business leaders of medium/large organizations who are waking up to the potential of the data revolution and want to get into the game—and help their company win.

What is the Data Revolution? 

From phones, credit cards, computers, wearables and sensor-equipped devices, data is now streaming into the world at an unprecedented velocity. We’ve shifted into a new gear. It’s exciting, scary and full of opportunities.

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Our Pivot

Data is being generated now at an unprecedented velocity. In fact, 90% of the world's data has been generated in the last two years alone. Smart businesses are putting this data to extraordinary new uses. We call this the Data Revolution—a big shift in the way the world operates, and no less significant than the Agricultural, Industrial and Digital Revolutions.

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Sneak Peak at our New Backend

Now that Astronomer has expanded outside of clickstream data processing, we run a lot of batch jobs. Our "minimal viable product" solution was to use Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) to keep track of the workflows, but we felt a bit uneasy being so tied into Amazon, and people experienced with existing big data tools told us it was "weird."

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Adding Apache Spark to Astronomer

At Astronomer, we're creating a platform to make it radically easier for both novice and expert data engineers to create and deploy data pipelines. Sometimes a step in a data pipeline is exceptionally long-running.

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Blending Human Interaction into Online User Experiences

Before modern communication technologies, business interactions required real-time, in-person human interaction. Telephony was a huge advance. Interactions were still real-time, but we could be in different locations.

When the Internet came along, it became possible to build completely-automated, asynchronous online businesses. Efficient. Profitable. And a better experience for most types of businesses.

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Liberated Analytics

If you hadn’t noticed the trend before, you will now. The world has gone analytics crazy. And for good reason, the amount of data available to businesses about their business has reached a tipping point where the problem has shifted from lack of data to too much data.

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The Growing Data Opportunity

We’re entering a new Internet era due to a confluence of trends:
  • Computers are everywhere (mobile, wearables, IoT) and as a result everyone is becoming data-competent. This means more of us will become data-ambitious.
  • Cloud computing is entering a major deployment phase—this means data will be in the cloud, staged to flow more fluidly.
  • SaaS/microservices proliferation spreads organizational data across borders, into many data silos.
  • Computer cognition is emerging, and it’s data hungry.
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