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Remote Working Guide: Louisville

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Disclaimer: Astronomer account manager and author of this blog post, Becky Steele, lives in Louisville and shamelessly—no, fiercely—loves her fair city. Although she wasn’t born there, she would tell you that she got there as quickly as she could and plans to stay for life. She is one of a few Astronomers who works remotely full-time and makes a day trip once per week to the Astronomer homebase in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This edition of Astronomer’s Remote Working Guide takes you to Louisville, Kentucky. Or Loo-a-vul. Or Loo-ee-ville? You choose your pronunciation—we accept them all!

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Data Jam: Improving the Accuracy of Dental Provider Directories

Last week, we participated in (and won!) our first official hackathon, Data Jam, sponsored by Humana and Spry Labs.

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Our Deep Roots with Meteor.js

Where do we come from? Who were our ancestors? What was important to them?

Machines don’t ask these types of questions, but exploring our lineage is a concept that’s deeply ingrained in humans. That sense of longing to know who and what we are is one of the main reasons we explore our universe.

At Astronomer, the machines go about their daily lives without regard to where they come from, but when building the future, our humans have to consider our product lineage, and Meteor.js has been central to our product since day one. Actually, since before day one.

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Aries: A Source for Your Data Pipeline

Few things have been as challenging and rewarding as learning the ropes here at Astronomer. I’ve been a process engineer for nearly a decade, following a very nonlinear career progression that ultimately led to a fun fusion of electrical/mechanical aptitude, problem solving and software development. Contracting with a team that delights in reverse engineering solutions for customers was the perfect fit!

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